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Lord Krishna: Five Ways To End Poverty
Lord Vishnu has taken many avatars and has helped the humans restore Dharma on earth. His avatar as Lord Krishna has been one of the most inspiring ones. As Lord Krishna in Treta Yuga, he lived an exemplary life and saved the lives of his devotees many times. He is thus, a great source of inspiration for us all.

Texts exist where his quotes have been jotted down by our great sages in the ancient times, as guiding principles for all those in need. From those texts, we have brought to you a list of five tips to end poverty in your house. Take a look.

Lighting A Lamp In Ghee
Since ages, there has been a traditional practice of lighting lamps before the family deity. While some people light the lamp in the evening, others think that early morning is the best time for it. However, Hindu texts say that one should light a lamp in ghee both the times of the day, so that there is no poverty in the house.

Offering Water
We believe that a guest is equivalent to God. We should pay our best service to them. As a person comes to our house, water should be the first thing we offer to them. It is said that the blessings from a thirsty person are very powerful. Hence we should seek their blessings and offer water as a guest comes to our house. It is also said that the inauspicious position of stars does not affect a person who offers water to the guests.

We should keep honey in the house. Honey is associated with Lord Vishnu. It should be kept in a neat and clean place. Honey regulates the flow of positive energy in the entire house. It removes all forms of negative energies.

A Sacred Tilak
Tilak is believed to keep the mind calm and composed. Using different types of tilak (vermilion tilak, sandalwood tilak etc.) as per our zodiac sign or birth chart, is often recommended by astrologers. Hence we should seek the help of an astrologer to find out which tilak should we use. In the long run, it helps end poverty in the house.

Goddess Saraswatis Veena
Veenas are often kept in houses as showpieces. Very few people know that keeping a veena in the house, helps the projects to get completed soon. All financial and non-financial matters meet success due to the presence of the veena, which is played by Goddess Saraswati.
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