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5/21/2020 Shalini Samuel General Views 127 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA
Exploiting The Pains Of A Refugee
The damp lantern shade pacifies the fierce flame of an antique lamp
I watch it from behind the walls of my broken refugee camp.
Stepping back to the bed , stretching out breaking the window
As a black carpet of horror it grows magnificent- my shadow
Open to your thorny hug, closed to your rosy love- as a dull chore
Swinging forward and back, my mind hangs like a dancing door
The ramming and jamming of brain and heart brings near, the faraway death
The pangs of homesickness, joblessness, poverty increases at every breath
Akin to the red ants roaming, stands the lined up sorrow
The pains of today and the past hides the pains of morrow
Come oh God, break the chains of my inherited bondage
Will you send me a beloved who could be my emotional bandage
I eagerly wait by the threshold, for a life with dignity, oh Master
The Himalayan silhouette, the blue sky, the cloud bears, break faster
Just like my porcelain paintings and the frail walls of my human heart
The tears and the wounds, I ask them to become art
They assemble as faithful dogs, obeying their chiefs voice
And now you bargain with me and taunt me saying its just noise
the fallen pieces, from my masterpiece become the fuel of my life flute
I keep spreading my longing, beyond the skies while you enjoy the loot.