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9/4/2020 Azariah Romance Views 73 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA
The Shadowy Love
The ice-cream of my life, I crave to possess
The unrivaled remedy for all my agony
Much in dearth as the earths’ hairline recedes
Yet my favored and optimal choice, ever.

At a crossroad, I always pick your trail
Your deficiency brings despair all over
Priceless, you are at times scarce
You spread like fire, illuminating the dim vale.

I wish you to be there in each second of my life
You had been my best support 
You are my facade, guarding me
you brighten up my face and day

Happiness, that could be your name
But you are more than a name to me 
You are the one I adore and desire
And want to be with you always.