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06/12/2020 Shalini Samuel Bravery Views 416 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
...Desires Are Not Always Devil...
When I desire not to be hungry
It’s not a devils greed
Unless I wish to eat the whole world.
When I desire to be happy
It’s not a devils greed.
Unless it’s not hurting any soul.
When I desire to be with my beloved
It’s not devils greed
Unless the beloved is not someone’s beloved.
When I desire to give the best to my kin
Its not devils greed
Unless I rely on hard work and not on illegal activity.
When I desire to have my basic needs
It’s not devils greed.
Every life on earth needs it.
When I desire, just like you
I aspire to go up the ladder
Or try to safeguard my position.
No one wishes to step back.
Please don’t stereotype or judge me
I am too striving just like you.
Live and let others live
Desire is not always a devil.

Shalini Samuel

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