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My Song

Time Traveller I can go to the past and I can saw my mistakes , I can go to the present and I can saw my mistakes , I can go to the future and I can saw my mistakes, I can go to the correct my all falls and mistakes, But, I can’t correct my mistakes , When I tried to change my mistakes I make more, Just like as in 11/22/63 and in Times Arrow I can’t do more, While I tried to do such thing like changing history all my, Present will be bad, there will arise a new kinds of problems, In the time where I will become bad boy and give pain , If I changed that time and make good work then I could not, Please any one and make every one happy then I can’t , Make one man also happy just at in Father Son and Donkey, When I tried to left my earth like in Sailing to Byzantium , There I will get some happiness for little time but, In reality I have to live in the earth, I saw the dream like Last Voyage of The Ghost Ship, Then just like there I saw different kinds of ships , From my all efforts also I couldn’t correct my mistakes, I just become a Wretch Stone , I am statue I only can watch my mistakes, My heart will be The Heart of Darkness from these, You may be curious about me what a big mistakes, I have done, But to tell you it is not big, I have kill dog and kill birds and insects, it is gone, I have steal the things and hurt the feelings of people , I do these kinds of mistakes because I was materialistic person, But now, I get knowledge and I don’t like wealth so I realized my mistakes, Nobody comes and tell me you are nothing, a dot, you came naked, And you will go naked, physical things are nothing, But from my knowledge I know and I became aware of such things, I become like character of Vagabond and I try to escape from my problems, So, from time travelling I could get certain happiness but it was not also for forever, I learn that you can’ correct your mistakes, From the first, before doing we should think, But to surrender yourself is best to realize your mistakes, So, your pain will be little bit reduced, You can’t change the time in reality from time travelling.

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