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Who is Shiva where does he live ?
Some one asked me , and I answer, 
Shiva was in each and every materials, or
In Every thing, inside you and me,
All the knowledge was given to me,

From him and to all the universe he was ,
Creator, bearer, and destroyer,  he was,
Most powerful and biggest God, he was,
Omnipotent , omniscient and omnipotent, 
Om nabha Shivaya this was his spells,

He can watch and control all the things of the universe, 
He was also half man and half women, he don’t 
Need luxury like you the ground of this earth ,
And sky is home for him, he don’t need any body,
Shiva have third eyes which is enlightened and power of his body,

Shiva is at letters and words, Shiva is at arts Shiva created this universe, 
And he can destroy this universe at any time, Shiva always bless,
For the good people but for bad people he takes different forms,
Gives punishment to them, so be fear of the God Shiva,
Hara hara mahadev, jay sambhayu , om nabha Shivaya.
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