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My Poem
I Love You
I love you more than me, I love you
You are my best and best friend
You are my lover, my dream is you
I don’t need anything beside you
You are my best and perfect girl
I will do make up to you as my interest
I will tie headin, put gajal, put a tile
I will put lipstick to you, I will put
Powder to make you beautiful 

If you don’t be seen beautiful by your natural 
Beauty then I will put these all things to you
I will buy new clothes to you, i will taught to you to be very much beautiful 
You and I will only be together we
Will forget this world then we will 
Enjoy together, I will catch your fingers
For forever, I will not leave to you at any time.

I will kiss to you at every time I will 
Always love you, I don’t leave you
I can’t give money and buy anything to you
But I could give you only one thing
That is love which is no body does to nobody 
In this world I will always love you 
You will be according to me and
I will be according to you, only loving
And caring you, you are my best and 
Perfect God made us together to be happy

Other people only make false story of love
But I am making agreement here they do
False love but I want to do true love
In my words my love will leave forever
I can’t pick stars, nor sun and moon
But I can pick a red rose for you
Which is greater than stars, sun and moon
If you will understand my love than
My words can’t Express that you.
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