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04/06/2022 Shalini Samuel General Views 67 Comments 1 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite
The Invisible Secrets
You are a wonder, a miracle my love,
Mother of the universe you nurture every being
Your love for me is impeccable
I have been a fool not recognising you
I pushed away your caring hands
I doubted your love, I thought you punish and give pain
But I have never seen pristine love as yours
It was so deep and unwavering
You made me fall for you
You were magnanimous, generous
You gave me whatever I did need and trained my mind
Are you a fantasy, a mythological figure?
A formless being or someone my eyes are blind to
I know not much about you, oh Mother of my clan
But I feel your hand as I move on in life
Where is your origin, where is your end
My senses have no power to know your secrets
You are eternal, oh Mother, the glory in my heart.
I have no words to say how great you are
And a poem on you may never end
Addicted to you, my mind dances to your tune
The theories on earth about you are so vast
You are made a male, a female, forms that mind perceives
Just like the many articles on a single topic
Some plagiarised and some convoluted
What’s your gender? I made you feminine
Here in my poem let you live as a mighty Mother.
It’s again imagination and not the real you
Who on earth can see or describe our Almighty, if any
No one on earth knows who you are
You are a mystery, the one who loves and trusts you will meet you
There is no man who haven’t felt your touch
You are there invisible, caring your children always.

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