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22/07/2022 Vinod Kamlay Bhardway Awareness Views 69 Comments 1 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite
Burying million-dollar Bentley so that he could lead his later life in style.....Brazils richest men, Chiquinho Scarpa
One of Brazils richest and most powerful men, Chiquinho Scarpa stunned the world when he announced that he was burying his million-dollar Bentley so that he could lead his later life in style.
It attracted a lot of media attention, mostly negative, and was strongly criticized for its extravagant gesture and the destruction of a valuable vehicle.

Why wont you donate the car?
How far is this gentleman from reality?!

Moments before he landed his Bentley car ready to bury... it was then that he made a statement that he would not bury his car and then revealed his true motive for the drama: for organ donation to create awareness.

"People condemn me because I wanted to bury a million dollar Bentley, in fact, most people bury something more valuable than my car," Scarpa said during a speech at the ceremony.

They bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, and kidneys. This is bullshit. So many people are waiting for transplants and burying them with their healthy organs that could save so many lives!!"

Thats brilliant, what I learned is that there are ways if you think about it to do things more efficiently, creatively, and smartly to achieve desired goals. Agree?
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