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24/01/2023 Kajal sah Bravery Views 43 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Essay : The goal is life
The goal is a path, to achieve which it is necessary to have a strong purpose within all of us, the goal is not achieved only by seeing or imagining, the goal is always achieved by working hard, being stubborn, making continuous efforts.  It happens, whatever is the goal of your life, first you decide why do you want to achieve it?  Why is it important for you?
 Life is very precious, it should be our duty to make it more beautiful.

 If you have made up your mind that you can, then you are half won.
 Thats why set the goal completely.
 How can the goal be achieved?1.  Dont think negative thoughts 2. Forget the past and work in your present

 3. Dont care what people say 4. Use time to achieve your goal 5. Continuous effort and hard work 6. Stay away from negative people 7. Fight with troubles 8. Leave your comfort life and give full attention to the goal 9. Your  Never miss an opportunity to show your talent 10. I can
 Always remember this.

 If the goal is big, then the hard work should be more, success only demands hard work, time, effort from you, so keep trying, keep walking on every path and always keep moving forward to achieve the goal.

 Thank you
Written by kajal sah

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