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Essay: My Future, My Pain
When part of life is full of pain then we think why does God do this to us only?  But todays pain and todays painful struggle only gives progress to move forward in life.
 Thats why we have to work as hard as possible and make continuous efforts for our future, a day will definitely come when we will also be able to make our country developed by walking step by step with successful people.
 Everyone wants to be successful but cannot adopt the following things in their life to be successful,
 1. hard work
 2. Continuous Effort
 3. Value of time
 4. Desire to fulfill your dreams.
 To be born in human life is a great gift because human is the only creature who changes the society by his good work with his thinking, so when we are born in human race then it must have happened with some purpose.
 Thats why pain is a natural thing in human life, so if any difficult situation comes in our life, then we have to face it without fear and fulfill our dreams of a golden future.
 Someone has rightly said that the more you rub yourself, the more you rub yourself, the more you will shine, so rub yourself so much that one day when you will shine in the whole world, then your family, our society, our nation and the world will be with you.  Thats why consider your dream not just a dream, your future not a future, your dream not a dream but an essential activity of your life, when all of them are not there then you will remain incomplete and will never lose courage to complete those activities.
 the day you win you will say
 I have won by my victory
 I have been recognized by my struggle
 Courage was broken but I did not fall
 always kept your spirits high
 Now you have taken a step towards your victory.

 Work hard, make a tool by defeating all the pains you get and always keep fighting for your dreams and future and one day victory will definitely be yours.

 Thank you
Written by 
Kajal sah 

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S 28.01.2023 Shriya

Good one didi keep it up

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