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Heres what Hamster Kombat had to say: "Please share so that your brothers can benefit..! " Hamster will do Airdrop based on "Profit Per Hour" not the number of points balance. And other things that said they would look at those that didnt fight, but marketers check us out. 1. COIN TO LEVEL UP: In the form of a Hamster your coin can level up, for example: "Bronze" ""Starting from ""Bronze""" level, if your coins reach 5k you go to Silver". Then if your coins reach 25k and you go "Gold", thats how you go, your level increases until you reach 1Billion thats when you will be called "Lord". The plan is if you buy these cards without collecting coins, your level wont be increasing. Therefore, if you want your level to increase, you must collect your coins. Example: When youre at the level of "Legendary" and you have 10 million coins, then at this stage you need to collect 100 million coins before you go to "GrandMaster". So when you are at this level you should avoid burning your coins. But once you go and collect 100 million, you become "GrandMaster" then you just burn your 100 million coins, thats how your level will not drop from "GrandMasters" to "Legendary" so that you burn 100 million. "Of course the biggest thing Hamster will use to make their Airdrop is "Level" first before "Profit Per Hour". 2nd time. 2nd time REFERRALS: Surely I doubt Hamster will use the number of active users under referral for each place to share their Airdrop. 3.PROFIT PER HOUR: This is the opportunity to use. You must buy the cards, and level up the cards that will increase your profit per hour. 4.CADRS: There are many cards in the hamster that must check your card number before distributing Airdrop, thats why you must buy all the cards. © Muhammad Sheka

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