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11/27/2017 Swami Knowledge Views 73 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA
You Want Success? Do What 99% Are Not Doing
So you came here to know the task which you should be doing, that the rest 99% are not doing. We all know how difficult is to attain success. Am I right? No I am wrong. It’s not difficult to attain success if you work in right way. Now what is right way? Continue reading the article.
You should first identify your capability. What are you good at? Ask this question to yourself. Then work on that ability to achieve excellence in that field and then the success will run along with you.
You Want Success? Do What 99% Are Not Doing
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You can do whatever you want. Maybe it’s going to take huge amount of work. You have to push yourself beyond your limits. You have to work till the time you don’t achieve it.

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Work when the rest are sleeping. That’s the perfect timing, and most of billionaires work till late night when the rest of the world is sleeping.
Remember one thing “If you don’t work hard today, then your success will be with someone else”.
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