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6/28/2018 Suraj Tiwari Business Views 337 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA
Why your boss has a 6 figure salary and you dont
High-flying earners, says Munira Rangwala, dont primarily work for the money.

Have you aspired all your working life to have a six figure salary?

If so, being just another employee wont do you much good.

Youll have to work twice as hard and show perseverance and interest in even the smallest of tasks.

Yes, it sounds difficult -- probably because it is. No ones going to give you a six-figure paycheck if you dont exceed expectations.

If youve made up your mind to bag that fat paycheque, check out this list of five things all six-figure earners have in common:


The ability to plan in advance is one of the most common behavioral traits among six-figure earners.

Living in the moment is important, but when it comes to your career, its best to map out your future.

Start by determining your long-term goals like travelling the world or buying a house, and then determine your short-term goals. Your short-term goals would include making smart investments to reap the best returns.


If youre passionate about your job, youll give it all you have. High-flying earners dont primarily work for the money.

They work for the satisfaction they derive from doing their jobs.

Passion works as a great driving force and makes you stick to your job even when times get tough.

If you enjoy your work, youll do it even when you dont feel like doing it. And when your boss observes your passion, he or she will be compelled to give you a good paycheck as he will want you to stick around.


High-flying earners consistently perform well. They never slack or take their work for granted.

Even when they are having an off-day, they dont let it show.

This trait is valued greatly in the professional world because it demonstrates a certain level of security.

If you want to take home a hefty paycheck, you need to continuously gain positive reviews from your seniors and managers.


Bosses of six-figure earners dont constantly check in on them to see the progress theyve made on a certain project or whether or not theyve completed a certain task.

If you want to be a high-flying earner, you need to assure your seniors that youre more than capable of getting the job done before the deadline.

Just like consistency, reliability is a common and celebrated trait amongst six-figure earners.

Powerful communication

If you can communicate a business plan to a client articulately and convince them to give your company a chance to do business with them, you will be a star in the eyes of your boss, and the six-figure salary will soon follow if you keep up the good work and bag more potential clients.

Not everybody is bold enough to make a presentation in front of clients.

If you can muster the courage and make a powerful presentation, a hefty paycheck wont be far behind.

In addition to the above, motivation and balanced thinking can get you closer to your dream salary. Make sure your hard work and determination dont go unnoticed by your bosses and youll be well on your way to taking home a six-figure paycheck.