About Us

1. www.mutebreak.com

We brings you a small web portal, its not a social network but still possess few feature of it. With this a schools colleges, private instiutions or an organisation can create thair own Magazine and Newspaper. Now only they but an individual can also run his or her Gazette or Journal or Blogs or Diary and make people address with his or her views

2. Description

When we read any new or an article we talks to each other reguarding about it but the writer of that article wether the report or any journalist is completelly unawair of our views. So MUTEBREAK gives every poster an overview of his news or article uploaded what other thing of it . It is very simple and easy to make use of this media which we brings to you ..

3. Gazette

Create your gazette, update your every details, ask all your reporters / friends / staffs to join it as reporter. Select news daily or as per your convenience , you may also edit it . Then only that article will be highlighted on you news / magazine / blog or no your journal .Same goes for reporter create your account and to join your desired gazette by put that very gazette user id in your gazette id column in edit profile section and start uploading your articles.

4. Features

We are watching the regular users requirment to make them easy, and updation of the mutebreak will be in continue always. New features will be added to mutebreak from time to time under your notice.

5. Violations

Please report any violations or to contact out team you can also mail us at [email protected]