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Confidence ?... Success ?... Negativity ?... Patience ?... How they are related....lets read !
It’s all upon our believe that do we have faith in our self before doing any work. The work which we like and consider it our passion. If we think we can do the work and complete it as we wanted that is what is called confidence of our in doing that work. Usually the kind of work which we don’t like and do only for living, it is said that if we are not sure we will be able to do it or not, it is said the lack of confidence.eg. Farmers praying for rain and expecting to rain if called believe than praying with an umbrella for rain is called confidence.

Success has much difference definition for different people. A boy getting good marks is success for him. A job seeker getting a job that’s success for him. So if you are happy for any achievement of yours, you can call it your success. life is too short we should be happy and thank god that we are alive in this situation of pandemic and we can say that we overcome the illness and it is our achievement that we win from the virus and we can say we success.

Mostly people misuse the knowledge and wisdom to create circumstances for others to believe which is not true for fake which cause disharmony is called negativity. Usually the people with little knowledge create negativity, it could e anything fake news, misbehaving with others and communal hater ate are the best examples if negativity. We should decide the agenda we came upon is health for our kind or not if not we should not accept it. In this way we can stay distance with negativity.

Patience is a state of mind which cannot be describe in words. Life is in the fast lane today and everyone is in hurry, but the funny thing is that no one does his or her work in time. Usually the old people remain cool in even tuff situation because they have patience and believe that everything has its end. In the same way to make young generation understand the every problem has its end and everyone should wait for it is called patience.


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