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21/01/2023 Kajal sah General Views 103 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Mother - A world
 Mother, Amma, Ammi are the names of mother but her work creates a lot of impact in childrens life, my mother is the first person who taught me to walk, taught me to speak the first word, mother taught me to learn from mistakes, mother always told me  Loves selflessly.
 Mother is the basis of life, through her we get the power to fight every troubles, my mother is my first smile and my identity. Whenever I get hurt, or whenever I am in trouble then the first word is mother.  It comes out of my mouth, mother deserves respect because a mother sacrifices all her happiness, dreams, hobbies for her children, thats why mother is also called an effigy of sacrifice.  Mother is like a tree which gives us shade, gives fruits, flowers and by bearing all the seasons of sun, cold and rain, mother always keeps us under shade.
 My mother is my strength because my mother has always taught me to fight every problem, my mothers smile only motivates me to make the impossible possible, the flight of life my mother teaches to fly, if a woman or a man is successful in life  Then mother plays the most important role, therefore mother is the ocean, mother is the beginning, mother is the end, mother is everything and mother is tomorrow, mother is life.

 We should always respect our mother, we should always try to bring happiness on mothers face, should not fight with mother and talk to her in loud voices.
 Thanks : Kajal sah : Self

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