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24/02/2023 Kajal sah General Views 111 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Poem :You are my mine
  Beautiful of life
 do you realize
 You are my wish to live
 of all my stories
 you are the moment
 You are the freshness of my every smile
 to live my life
 You are the support

 every hard way
 everyone left
 but you all the way
 but supported me
 my life
 made like a flower in bloom
 oh my god
 you my life
 Made nectar.

 in all circumstances of life
 you taught me to move on
 full of thorns
 on the way
 you taught me to walk
 flying high
 you taught me to fly
 oh my lord
 you my life
 Always taught to move forward.
 Thank you 
Written  by kajal sah

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