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12/03/2023 Kajal sah General Views 113 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Poem: Solitude
 Today the mind is lonely again
 quietly in a corner
 sitting is quiet
 hidden in mind
 everyone has sin
 everyone in trouble
 and everyone is happy
 in the mean world
 everyone has left everyone alone
 so today my heart is broken again
 sitting in a corner
 quiet is quiet
 Today the mind is lonely again.

 Gandhis teachings
 everyone has forgotten
 message of unity
 all deleted
 live and let live slogan
 everyone has forgotten
 Everyone has burnt the lesson of humanity
 Thats why today the mind is very calm
 Sitting quietly in a corner is lonely.

 Thank you
Written by kajal sah

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