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08/11/2023 Akash Singh Inspiration Views 354 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
The pen is full of pain 
The restless heart
The fire rages in our hearts
Full of uncertainties 
The lost hero!
Its like a heavy downpour 
A toll is taking away our complete souls
Why always us? 
Everything is a mess
Feels like every chapter is closed 
Its a nightfall to us
And not sure about the dawn 
Do we really deserve this? 
The questions are rhetorical 
When the hero was still there, 
The peaceful serenity
Everything was in handy
No man has ever come up 
With such a success and victory
It was a better place to be
Almost all the achievements were due
To make every penny count 
And make multiple of them
We shall live to remember
That once live a hero
Who came wholeheartedly ,
To fight earnestly not only for his own personal life,
But also for the benefit of his fellow countrymen 
That is exactly what heroism means !

Written by Cherryl Bonniee

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