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22/03/2023 Kajal sah Bravery Views 71 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Poem: power
 I am full of powerful 
 a daughter, a mother
 and multifaceted
 I am a power, I am a woman.

 I am a contemporary woman
 helpless, poor and not capable
 painstaking present
 and bright future
 I am a woman full of passion.

 cover with clothes
 but the hypocrisy
 to erase thoughts
 always emerge
 I believe in education
 own rights
 self dependent
 have fulfilled their duties
 Because I am a woman full of passion.

 now i will move on
 be an inspiration to every woman
 i know how to live
 No more poison, have to drink nectar
 Because I am a woman of today.
 Thank you
Written by kajal sah

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