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Hangovers reduce with age ???

The severity of a hangover depends on age, a new research has revealed. Corresponding author Janne S. Tolstrup, a research program director at the University of Southern Denmark, said that while it is true that a hangover is mostly referred to in a humorous way, it can also be said that they are the most frequent alcohol-related morbidity. Tolstrup and her colleagues used 2007 and 2008 information gathered by the Danish Health Examination Survey (DANHES), an Internet-based health survey that asked participants about their diet, smoking, alcohol and physical activity. Analysis was performed on data provided by 51,645 individuals (24,118 males, 27,527 women) 18 to 94 years of age living in 13 municipalities in Denmark. Tolstrup said that they found that the tendency to have hangovers decreased by increasing age and that the first explanation that pops up is that this finding would be due to differences in drinking pattern in different age groups. The results are going to be published in the February 2014 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

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