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03/03/2023 ipshita moitra Forgery Views 248 Comments 1 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Shark Tank India 2, Conker E-Learning App Business Pitch #shivangineedsjustice
I got cheated, I need JUSTICE !

Yes, I was seen on national TV #sharktank

Instead of being happy, I feel undervalued, cheated & helpless

There was an attempt to defame me

We creators need respect.

Yes, I want justice!

I am a Creator. I started practicing content creation two years back, I didnt know then that this could actually be such a blooming industry and I have been working my day and night on this.

And then,

Just six months back, I was called by Conker App for a course shoot ( now acquired by Vivek Billore as per government website & proofs )

but then after 1 month, I got to know that all my efforts & sweat were discarded as I was told that the course will not get launched since the company was about to shut down.

I felt bad but thought of shutting my mouth & continue working hard to find another client who can value my efforts

Wait, until the big drama happened , 2 days back

What we all see is that same course content was used by the director of Conker World on shark tank while he showed his product demo

The video was used by him #without my consent and it was purely a defamation act done by him on me- Shivangi Narula : The Director and Founder Skilldify ( Backed by IIM Banglore)

A creator is an artist and their content actually being used by some big player in the market without the deserved pay and recognition is something very immoral.

This shows the lack of work ethic.

I have been calling each and every member but they didn’t bother to help me , may be because I am not that big a creator in the market

Prafull Billore being the leading creator of India, I hope you hear my plea and help me in getting justice.

I request all my supporters to help me in raising voice against this act of injustice that happened with me.

Arvind Arora hasn’t been replying to me on any of the social media platforms, nor are they picking up any calls. Being a great public figure so through this post I request him to respect creators like me.

In Fact theyve been trying to misguide me by saying that the director has changed everyone has blocked me from their social media & conta

Hi! Sharks, Anupam Mittal Peyush Bansal Namita Thapar Aman Gupta
you saw me yesterday on a public platform, with someone pitching you with my content.

I am cheated and I request all of you to support me with this, since Ive been defamed on a public platform by a man who isnt even good at giving a pitch and who used me as a pitch product without taking my consent.

We content creators need respect, proper pay for our hard work and proper recognition for what we actually work hard for and is sometimes even our bread maker.

I request you all to come together and join me on this journey to get us the respect that we deserve and prevent getting cheated.


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