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This incident is of Kalyan Jewelers located in Trivandrum!
A father bought a necklace for his daughters marriage on 29/11/2013 whose total weight was 49.580 grams and after deducting the weight of designer stones it was about 43.500 grams..

On 17/03/2018 when he went to pledge this necklace to the bank, he was shocked when the appraiser of the bank told after checking that there is only 12 grams of gold in the necklace because of the gold beads. The rest #wax inside is filled.

When he went back to Kalyan Jewelers regarding this matter, the branch manager there said that it is true that wax is filled and this is known to all... Think... If he knew then which foolish person would buy wax at the price of gold.....???

When the father protested, the manager said, lets go... we will take back this necklace and will give you the money back at todays gold price (as much as 12 grams of gold)! But the family did not agree and said that they want the actual amount which was taken from them at the time of purchase and lodged a complaint with the nearest police station.

On 21/03/2018, a member of the staff of Kalyan Jewelers came to the police station to negotiate and said that we will return the same price of this necklace as demanded by the customer!

90% people dont sell after buying gold, they are thinking that we have so much gold, it will be useful when needed... But in reality they are victims of misunderstanding.... They have bought wax by paying gold money. . There is 50% defect in all the ornaments...

Gold is sold as 22 carat, but often it is not even 16 carat... Make sure to take raw or confirmed bill while buying.. Get your jewelery and gold checked at another place once.
Its the season of marriages. Please spread the information to as many people as possible so that no innocent person becomes a victim of such fraud.

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S 03.06.2023 Sunil Rai

Hope this article gets far Are you going to buy gold in coming days ? then must check this to save money

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