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18/03/2023 Dipika Kumari Astrology Views 224 Comments 1 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Bleeding Mind !
Give me a paper and pen
Let me write about my sin
Maybe with a glass of heni
in case I forget some line. 
I once had a thing for love
hoped to have a beautiful love story like the ones I read on goodnovel.
Joyfully, i gave in to loving someone from the other religion
things went well for over four years.
I was already anticipating a future of Cinderella and a charming Prince in the love story.
Few days ago
breakfast was served but very cold.
I cried but I wasnt heard... suicide was the first option that the devil whispered... "Hey, you cant face this, end it" I heard him say.
I poured some liquor and cried my heart out.
It is suicidal loving someone with the whole of your heart, I jumped to a conclusion.
My only sin wasnt the liquor but LOVE.


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