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Astro 2018: What your star signs tell you
Career. Travel. Love life. Find out what 2018 has in store for you.

Its that time of the year again when we resolve to take on a whole lot of new things in the coming year.

But if youre wondering if you should be following that path, heres the yearly forecast by astrologer Manisha Koushik to help you plan better.


Aries (March 21-April 20)

Put your energies in the right things and 2018 would definitely start with good news with all the great opportunities will fall into your lap.

Youd be travelling to your favourite tourist spots through January and February. You might even end up buying the property you always wanted to purchase in the first quarter.

The professional front would remain smooth, though you might look for a career change in the third quarter of the year.

Love life would finally see a smooth sailing at the end of the year after going through a lot of turbulence.

Health would require your utmost attention in 2018 to ensure that ailments stay away from you.

Students pursuing to study in foreign universities might get that opportunity they were waiting for.

Your family would be supportive and stand by you throughout the year.

Lucky months: January, February, July, August

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

2018 would be that one year in your life you would remember forever. Numerous opportunities will literally fall on your feet and youd be overjoyed.

Professionals, entrepreneurs and students can expect to achieve what they had desired by mid-year. Youd be spending more time with friends and family, which would keep you socially too busy and content.

Your networking skills would be at your best. Your own health or someone who is close to you might keep you worried.

Be careful of smooth talkers on the investment front as they might dupe you, especially if it comes to investing in real estate during the months of October and November.

Your past investments would now give the returns you had aspired for.

Marital harmony will prevail, thanks to mutual admiration and appreciation.

Love bonds would grow stronger. Romantic endeavours will bear fruit and how!

You might take an overseas trip in August and September.

Lucky months: June, July, August, September

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

2018 can be called the year of good change in your life, especially when it comes to your career.

You would transform and change your immediate environment and that would benefit you to no extent.

Make sure you keep your relationships with the higher-ups cordial. This year you would finally find your soulmate as your romantic desires and longings bear fruit.

You might invest in property in the second half of the year and those whove been staying as tenants would finally move into the house of their dreams.

Those belonging to the trading, banking, insurance and health sectors would see a phenomenal phase in May and June.

Health would be satisfactory, despite a few minor hiccups and binge trips.

Some might even be able to get rid of the ailments that have been haunting them for long.

Lucky months: June, July, August, September

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

2018 would be a mixed year for you marked by turbulence as well as good times.

The first quarter will be exceptional, however, mid-year would see a slump. But all would end well as you would bounce back in the third quarter.

Love life would see the same phases and would throw up many challenges at your face, but your caring and humble nature would help you ride through the turbulence.

Your partner would be your best support this year and understand your busy schedules on the work front. May and June would be a time for vacation and memorable outings with family.

On the whole, you would see some benefit from whatever things you take up.

A promotion is lined up for the men and women in uniform as the year ends.

Health would be fine throughout the year, however, be careful of February and June.

Stay away from heavy investments or property purchases in the last quarter.

Lucky months: March, April, November, December

Leo (July 23-August 23)

Leos would be lucky in 2018 as they would finally get what they always aspired for!

The first and the last quarters of the year are especially auspicious and would bring in extremely good opportunities.

Those in private sector can see a promotion coming their way, a change of role or a salary increment.

Multiple travel trips are lined up for you in the first and third quarter of the year. Health would also be extremely good and you would be fitter than ever before.

On the romantic front, you would meet that someone special and fall in love in the first quarter. Good luck!

Some of you might even embark on the journey of parenthood.

You have to watch your spendings between July and October to help strengthen your overall financial health.

Take your time and think wisely before taking any investment related decisions.

Some of you might tap on your social side and work for an NGO and help those in need.

Lucky months: January, July, August, September

Virgo (August 24-September 23)

2018 would have good avenues for you, dear Virgos, both personally and professionally.

You would travel extensively for business as well as leisure, so keep your travel documents ready.

Your hard work and research that you have been putting in to complete a set task would finally bear fruit and get you accolades on the professional front. Businessmen would see a period of growth between August and October.

Family life would be fulfilling to the core, especially for newly-married couples.

Health remains satisfactory throughout the year, but care is needed against seasonal ailments. Some of you might buy a new vehicle or invest in a major household item.

Students would be confident as they would meet the right counsellors whod help them shape their future.

Finances would be strong as your past investments reap benefits for you now.

Lucky months: March, August, September, October

Libra (September 24-October 23

While the first half of the year would be favourable for you, the second half would be better.

Earnings would become considerable and steady as you establish yourself firmly at work, especially in the months of April and May.

You might even earn a special recommendation or a prestigious award. Those whore looking for a soulmate would finally find the right partner.

A chance encounter with a stranger might bloom into a full-fledged romance in August.

No problems on the health front are overseen as you do not suffer from any serious medical issue.

Some of you might become experimental on the fitness front and join fitness groups to stay motivated.

You would want to connect with your spiritual self an undertake a meditational course.

Travel stars burn bright for those who haven’t got a chance to explore the cultural richness of the country.

Lucky months: April, May, June, July

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

2018 would be a mixed bag for you as you would have to brush up your skills and talents for others to sit up and notice.

Youd be able to achieve tasks that were considered beyond your capacity and get accolades for the same.

Those looking for a job should be able to fetch a decent opportunity around September.

Initiatives taken last year on the career front will come to fruition in 2018, but you will need to pursue them relentlessly to succeed.

Yoga and meditation would help you keep your unnecessarily worrying nature and anxiety prone attitude in check.

Those suffering from lifestyle diseases will remain in control and even improve their condition.

Romance will bloom in the months of June or December, so expect a scintillating time!

Do not stop yourself from splurging once in a blue moon and stop being financially savvy all the time.

After all we all live once!

Lucky months: April, May, June, November

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

2018 would bring in a lot of good things for you, both professionally and personally.

From a salary hike or a promotion and a change in your role -- expect all good things happening to you this year.

An important senior colleague would help you climb up the corporate ladder and help you grow phenomenally.

Students would perform well on the academic front. Discuss higher education plans with a trusted education counsellor.

Cash crunch would gradually disappear, as finances would be in your control. Homemakers would look at redoing the house mid of the year.

Relationship with your partner would be loving and caring, provided you know how to keep your mood swings in check.

Dont neglect health, as problems are indicated between September and December.

Lucky months: February, July, August, September

Capricorn (December 22-January 21)

2018 would be shining brightly for Capricorns, especially those who were feeling neglected in the past year on the professional front and they would bag accolades this year.

Connections with influential people will open up more avenues for those who have embarked on a new venture.

Students trying to bag an opportunity in the corporate sector would get a good break around July or October.

Excellent performance of a family youngster will add an extra feather in the cap.

Your financial worries would be ironed out as you invest in schemes that bring good results in the short run.

You might even buy the property you desired. Do not neglect your health and take up an exercise routine that interests you.

You may have to pass certain social obligations this year to stay in touch with who’s who of the town.

Lucky months: May, June, November, December

Aquarius (January 22- February 19)

2018 would be the turning point of your life.

The first half of the year would be extremely fulfilling, personally and professionally.

A new side business that you began recently will draw the attention of the masses.

Students preparing for competitive exams would see significant results at the last quarter of the year.

Your good relations with someone who is influential will help you bag a good deal in the real estate.

Health remains excellent and you might be an inspiration for those who want to hit the gym or join fitness classes.

Romantic life would see turbulence in the first and second quarters but stabilises a bit by the second half of the year.

Those with business acumen will prosper. March and April would see you travelling to some exotic destinations that you always wanted to go.

Lucky months: March, April, September, October, November

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

2018 would be the year that would push you ahead in life as you grow more determined for the projects in hand and deliver them with elance, more than what was being expected from you.

Some of you might even be elevated.

An initiative taken in May is likely to mature by the year end with excellent outcome.

A lot of travel is indicated, both for business and leisure.

On the academic front, youd be victorious in the competitive exams.

Your family and closed aids would look up to you to guide them while making important decisions.

Health would remain good and you would resolve to stay fitter than before.

Your partner would trust your gut instinct when it comes to buying an important household item.

Your romantic life may pass through a lean patch. However, exciting times are seen around September.

You are likely to expand your social circle by travelling to the places you have never been before.

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