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7 Things You Need When You Turn 40
After all, we want to live a comfortable life as we grow older, right?

Here are 7 things when you turn 40-

#1 Snore Stopper

Snore Stopper

Buy Anti-snore Nose Clip @ Rs 349

Enjoy snore free, relaxed sleep with this snore stopper. This unique device opens up your nostrils at night which reduces snoring. It also makes breathing easier if you have a blocked nose due to cold or allergies. Its made of silicone, that fits comfortably, and does not cause any irritation to the skin.

#2 Medicine Box

Medicine Box

Buy Medicine/Tablet Organizer @ Rs 245

Make sure your loved one takes their medicines on time with this medicine box. This medicine storage box allows you to store and organize four different tablets to be consumed 7 days a week.

#3 Functional Knee Support

Functional Knee Support

Buy Functional Knee Support @ Rs 349

If you experience mild pain or discomfort in your knee while walking, you can wear this knee brace as it provides adequate support and ensures flexible movement to the knee. It helps in diagnosis and treatment of patellar instability & patellofemoral pain as well as reduces pain in patella syndrome. It ensures patella back into proper alignment with gentle pressure from the lateral to medial direction.

#4 Health Monitors

Health Monitors

Buy Health Monitors Under Rs 1099

Keep a check on your blood pressure and sugar level with our range of health monitors like blood pressure monitor and blood glucose monitor. Dr. Morepen Blood Glucose monitor has biosensor technology based monitors which provide accurate results. The U.M.S helps measure your blood pressure accurately.

#5 Lazy Glasses

Lazy Glasses

Buy Lazy Reader Glasses @ Rs 599

These lazy glasses let you lie down flat on your bed and watch TV or read a book without lifting your neck up. Say goodbye to neck pain, cramps while reading, watching TV or browsing the internet. The optical glasses made of acrylic lens and acetate frames are the best way to reduce pain in the neck, lumbar spine and head while watching TV or reading for a prolonged period of time.

If you have a habit of reading before going off to bed, you can choose these eyeglasses with an inbuilt LED light. These eyeglasses illuminate the object or text which are unable to see when its dark. Whether you want to view an object in darkness or read in the night, this pair of eyeglasses is a great pick.

#6 Luma Tooth Polish

Luma Tooth Polish

Buy Luma Tooth Polish @ Rs 299

Say goodbye to the stains on your teeth with this tooth polish and whitening kit. It removes stains which brushing does not. With Power Tooth Whitener and Stain Remover Powered rotating eraser action, it effectively removes surface stains from teeth caused by smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine, and food. It is specially designed to polish away ugly tooth stains and plaque that ordinary toothbrushes cannot.

How to use?
Place a small amount of toothpaste inside and on the tip of the polishing cup and spread some toothpaste over the portion of teeth you will be polishing.

Please note:
Do not immerse product in water. 
This product is not meant to replace daily brushing or visits to your dentist. It is recommended to brush your teeth twice.

#7 Neckline Slimmer

Neckline Slimmer

Buy Neckline Slimmer @ Rs 349

You know you are aging when the skin around your neckline starts to wrinkle and sag. This Neckline Massager tightens and tones your neck, cheeks, and chin. With 3 levels of resistance coils, it gently makes the underlying neck muscles firm. It eliminates facial sagging and reduces double-chin. In a nutshell, it makes you look younger. Simply use it for a couple of minutes regularly and results will be seen after 15 days of regular usage.

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