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10/02/2023 Kajal sah Relationship Views 180 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
 I exist because of you
 every life starts with you
 you are the source of life
 every sweet talk
 Its from you

 you are my smile
 you are my identity
 you are my courage
 you are my courage
 of my heart
 every beat is you
 every breath of mine
 you are the breath
 You are the identity of my existence.

 you are the victory of life
 you are the spirit of life
 of every scattered character
 every character is you
 of all my poems
 every poem is you
 of my every poetry
 you are the alphabet
 of all my stories
 you are the main character
 you are my energy
 of all my victories
 you are the beginning
 my every morning
 you are the first ray
 of all my pain
 solution is you
 you are my identity
 You are my existence
 Thanks : Kajal Shah : Self

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