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07/06/2023 Tushar Kumar Singh Culture Views 233 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
The devil sure knows how to put a package together
That daughter of Babylon stood there and promised me "forever" 
How did I even tend to believe that more over ?
There was just something about the way she said "I love you" that was her cover .
She knew every corner of my heart,
How to take the smile and put it right back.
She Knew just how to put me together when Im a whack.
She knew just how I liked it,
And she gave me the match.
You think I knew winter ?
You should have seen her
Going up and down as though shes a frog
.. Moving her body like the waves of a sea
Day or night,stars were all I could see
Oh God she really made my soul feel free
She mastered the art of my performance.
And shes always ready to submit.
Whenever I blabber and made no sense 
She always gave me her back to spank
And we began the "50 shades of Grey"
When the night falls, shed breath slightly on my chin
With her head lying right on my chest.
Jeezass she was thee best ! 
But now shes gone
And My heart is torn
No words to state how Im feeling
And the memories keep me bleeding.
"Take it easy" 
Take it easy ? Easy you say ? 
I tried ,I really tried but my soul is tied
Tied to the memories we share..tied so tight.
"You must set yourself free"
Set myself free ? Free you say ?
How do I set myself free from.. myself ?
When everything about her is within me 
The sound of her voice is all I can hear,
Her essence smells like shes somewhere near.
Yes she is ,right here..in my heart ! 
"She aint coming back" 
Do I look like I want her back ? 
No.. I want her gone.
Shes all I can see when I close my eyes,
So my brain has to go.
Thence I perish .
So if you see me hanging down the rope..
Know I tried,to live away from this land.
You see me lying down motionless..¿
Know that I feasted on a poison.
If you see my blood..¿
Know that I sent the knife right through my flesh
To go deal with the memories within I . 
This "loving" thing is hard
I tired  to keep up with it so bad
But I just cant be happy like the rest
With things eating up my chest.
I tried smiling 
Its just not working.
I tried behaving 
I just cant keep faking.
I have a lot of questions
But not a single answer.
Theres none of my situations
That I seem to can conquer.
I tried reading the Bible,
I dont understand a single riddle.
I tried to bow down and pray,
But if her name cant  go away... 
I guess I had to
Why am I besieged with so much pain 
"The son of man" didnt you forget to forgive my sins ?
I cant take part in this "love" thing again
Life is a one big road that has no signs!
Survival,only the fittest will make it through to "forever" in this love jungle .

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