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1: The Most Beautiful Women

-It takes holyspirit only to make a beautiful woman to be in a marriage.
-They are on high demand
-Many beautiful ladies are still single, and you keep wondering what is keeping them
-They use their beauty as a capital for money making

2:. The Most Educated Women

-A woman having a degree, masters, PhD to have to stay in a marriage, its the grace of God.
-Their qualifications makes them independent.
-Visit offices in the companies, most high ranked women and rich are single, divorced.


-Women raised under rich families find it difficult to get married because they want same environment they grew up with it a marriage.
-They want no on to advise them

4: The Most Anointed Women Of God

- Most women with the calling of God have no husbands ,either divorced
-No time to do house works
-No time to care for their husbands
-Their husbands cant advise them because they only listen from the holyspirit.
You will find a man with a phd goes to the village and marries a grade 5 woman,what is he looking for ??? Because that is the one that would understand and respect him better.
Speaking in tongues will never make you a wife, only a submissive woman will stay in a marriage and not the beauty and the like.
I know you will oppose this message, but read it again and again before you oppose it

5. Drunkards or clubbing women.. 

-most men dont want to settledown with these kind of women but if they are to go for a one night stand, they will.. thats how some of these girls have kids that they dont even know who the father is.. just for hit and run.

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