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What does the Taj Mahal mean to you? Tell us
Dear readers, share your photographs of the Taj Mahal and tell us what the monument means to you.

Taj Mahal

Photograph: Jayanta Dey/Reuters
It is one of the early facts that every little child learns in school -- the Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and it belongs to India.

Every couple -- be they Indian or from abroad -- would like their picture clicked at this monument to love.

Every dignitary who visits India would like a glimpse of the Taj. 

The Taj is Everybodys
Back in January 2017, The New York Times listed 52 spectacular places to visit this year.

Agra made it to the list and was featured at the No 3 spot. And while the newspaper urged travellers to experience things beyond the Taj Mahal, do note that the sprawling, stunning Taj Mahal was one of the main reasons why the city featured on the list.

The other reasons were the Agra Pavilion, the Mughal Museum and Indias fastest and longest expressway that has reduced the travel time between Delhi and Lucknow.

But who thought that, come October, the Taj Mahal would not be one of must-visit places on the Uttar Pradesh governments tourism list? 

The Taj Mahal has lately been subject to controversy after Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Sangeet Som questioned the 17th century architectural marvels place in Indias heritage.

Soms comments have prompted angry responses from people.

Twitter user Tufail Ahmad wrote, "You need to build museums on 1000 years of Islamic rule in India to remind our future generations -- not erase history.

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