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Why cant people stand up for national anthem for 52 seconds: Anupam Kher
Film and Television Institute of India chairperson Anupam Kher questioned why people cannot spare 52 seconds to stand up for the National Anthem in cinema halls.

“People never complain about standing in serpentine queues at hotels, ticket counters or any other place. But, they cannot spare 52 seconds to the tune of the national anthem in respect of their country,” he said, while attending an event where he received the Pramod Mahajan Smriti Award in Pune.

The veteran actor also claimed that the country’s rapid progress in the last three to four years has turned out to be an eyesore for many.

“The country has been making rapid progress during the last three to four years and it has turned out to be an eyesore for many. Since they cannot withstand lack of corrupt practices and other good changes happening, they are trying to create issues,” he added.

Kher also slammed the ‘award wapsi’ group by saying that nobody can try to stop or scare me.

“I have always put forth the true side of my life including the problems, hurdles and hardships I have faced. And that is why, no ‘award wapsi’ group or others can try to stop or scare me. I am younger to this country only by seven years, and I will speak up against wrong doings as my moral responsibility to protect it, which I consider as my older brother,” he further added.

The awards were given by Pune-based organisation Muktachhand, run by Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Medha Kulkarni, and Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar.

BJP MP and daughter of Late Pramod Mahajan, Poonam Mahajan, was also present during the event.

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M 30.10.2017

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