Making school and college magazine online and much more !

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Mr. Aftab Alam

HOD & Senior Lecturer , Al-Kabir Polytechnic , Jamshedpur , Jharkhand

School and College magazine is a medium to tell the parents the capability of every student , if made it online the circumference could be achieved in a more larger circle with much exposure and all in one place.

Mrs. Minakshi Jha

Senior Teacher , Loyola School , Jamshedpur , Jharkhand

We feel proud that existence of every student and teacher no matter from which institution , will be recognized by a medium through the institution and by the student him or herself. No matter where they will be.

Mr. Nagendra Singh

Registrar , Netaji Subhas University , Jamshedpur , Jharkhand

The budget to publishing every year could be non and a step toward to save paper upto the most could be achieved with an online tool by making magazine online for every student's family as well and could reach much further.

Md. Afzal Nadeem

Journalist (Press) , PMP India News , National Head Bihar ,India

General people creating the news , publishing to an online newspaper or it could be there also , we must appreciate which comes to us directly from between the public and not from the news kitchen with spices attached.

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