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23/01/2023 Kajal sah Adventure Views 182 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Poem: New India
  we are the children of new india
  not afraid of anyone
  overcome difficulties with courage
  we are the new race kids
  which is difficult
  make it easy by laughing
  those who commit crimes
  punish them
  We are the brave children of India
  who did it fraudulently
  we rule over indian
  cant stand it anymore
  rule of a white
  will remove all evils
  and will not let anyone become
  slaves of whites to Indians
  India is no longer the same
  India has become
  from the sacrifices of the heroes
  we are children of india
  never shirk from your duty
  make india great with your hard work
  we are new india
  There are brave children.
Thank you -written by kajal sah

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