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18/01/2023 Kajal sah Awareness Views 52 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Essay: Effort is success
 Life should start from small to master, which we will get learning and experience in life.
 Life is very precious, everything can be achieved in this life, only continuous hard work and effort is necessary.
 The destination we want to reach, the process of learning and teaching should always remain in us for the destination we want to reach, we have many dreams in life, we have many desires, then we can fulfill those dreams.  When we have passion and the ability to fight every trouble, then we can fly every flight of life by opening our wings.

 Life contains both honey and poison, if we are fighting with difficult times in life, then we have to fight until we defeat the challenges and remove the poison and bring the cup of honey to life,  Effort has to be continued, there is hope in effort, that is, there is hope, as long as the hope of life exists, then the progress of life exists, so working hard till the end of life and fighting and defeating the troubles is the story of a true hero, so a hero  Learn to try because that hero fights till the war is over, whenever bad times come in life, always adopt victory in mind and the struggle of life to change the times, surely one day victory will be yours.  .....
 Thank you : Kajal Sah

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