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19/01/2023 Kajal sah Awareness Views 103 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Essay:Future india
Today we all are living in the 21st century, which has become our life based on technology, today we spend our time in technology for small and big work.  Is it right to depend completely on technology?  Should we just be a consumer?  Should we be spending too much of our time in technology?  Who is the future of India?  Technology is the biggest gift of science, technology should not be used to make ourselves lazy, but for the purpose of advancing ourselves and moving towards new inventions, because todays small hands, youth, young women  The future of our country lies in their mind, they should be eager to develop their country, todays hard work in their education, hard work in their qualities, hard work in learning can make their life golden and the future of the country, so continuous  Only hard work, new ideas, new enthusiasm, new enthusiasm can take them forward in life.
 Today, youths and girls should not be unemployed, but should be made employed, not excessive use of internet, not encouraging corruption, eradicating it should be the goal of all youth generation.

 It should be the passion of every young man and woman of today to develop India in every form, economic form, cultural form, political form, government form, etc., and it is mandatory to work hard at the same time.
 We have to take the country out of darkness and take it towards light, for which we have to make our present beautiful from today itself, when the present is beautiful then only the future will be beautiful.
Thank you written by kajal sah

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