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25/01/2023 Kajal sah Awareness Views 198 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Topic - Awareness Campaign
Time is difficult, but we dont have to panic, we have to overcome all situations with courage, these are some words to bring us in life in this difficult time, and we have to overcome this difficult time with courage without fear, time changes every time  And every single time gives us hope to do something new, 2020 is one such phase which was difficult to forget, and this year taught us a lot and gave us hope to live our life
 The real name of life is struggle, the person who wins in the struggle of life, that person is successful in life.
 Achieves successful destination.

 When the corona virus came in India, there was a fearful fear inside the people, but the Prime Minister of our country tried to reduce the fear sitting inside the people with his many best efforts and they
 one of the efforts was a better effort, the lockdown was
 Because of which many people survived this corona epidemic
 who followed the rules of lockdown properly
 That person is a brave warrior of this difficult time
        Someone has said it right, we only face bad situations.
 Makes us stand up after falling down, we all got up after falling down in this difficult time and tried to learn something new
 Just as the time changes, in the same way this time will also change and we will win by defeating this difficult time, the only effort should be that there should be faith in yourself and enthusiasm to do something new.
 Our India became self-reliant in this difficult time
 And made every person of India self-reliant
 In this difficult time, we all have darshan of God.
 In a white dress, cap on the head, and many such employees who risked their lives and saved the lives of other people, who can do this except God, but we see God as a human being.
 Happened ,
 He will also have a family, he will also have children, but he sacrificed this time for the sake of his country, this is the identity of a true patriot.
 Millions of proofs at his feet.
 Thank you 
Written by 
  kajal sah

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