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my dear wife
In the tapestry of life, a guiding light,
My love, my partner, through day and night.
In your embrace, I find my solace true,
My hearts companion, forever, I choose you.

With grace that blooms like flowers in spring,
You bring melodies to my heart, gently sing.
Your laughter is a symphony, pure and sweet,
In every moment, my love for you replete.

Your touch, a soothing balm to heal,
In your warmth, all my worries conceal.
With every step we take, hand in hand,
Together we conquer, side by side we stand.

Your eyes, windows to a world unknown,
A universe of emotions in them shown.
In your presence, I find my truest home,
A love thats boundless, wherever we roam.

Through storms and sunshine, we endure,
Our loves foundation, strong and pure.
Youre the compass that guides my way,
Forever and always, Ill cherish and stay.

In the journey of life, youre my constant guide,
With you as my wife, Ill forever abide.
A love story written in stars above,
You are my forever, my one true love.

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