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10 smart tips to make an everlasting impression !
Whatever you take up, whatever you start -- make sure you complete it. 
Be a finisher in life; and people will remember you for the work you completed.

In the second part, Radhakrishnan Pillai lists the things you must avoid doing so you can make a smart impression.

PART 1: Chanakyas 10 golden rules for success

The book Chanakya in the Classroom: Life lessons for students by Radhakrishnan Pillai attempts to make Chanakyas teachings accessible to everyone.

In the second part of the excerpt , the author lists 10 things to avoid to achieve success and leave a positive impression.

1. Don’t ask questions in the middle of a lecture; wait for the right time

Everyone wants to speak. And there is nothing wrong in speaking out what you feel is right.

But remember there is a right time for everything. And when the timing is right and you speak, it will be heard properly.

Same goes for asking questions, especially to the teacher.

It is essential to listen properly to the teacher before you ask questions.

Keep the questions towards the end. Maybe your questions will be answered during the lecture itself.

2. Do not gossip

There are too many people out there to gossip. Do not join the flock.

You should always remember Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: ‘Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.’ 

So, why be just another ordinary person who talks about others and what is happening in their lives?

Become extraordinary -- discuss more important things like ideas and possibilities. Be a person whom people like to listen to, not run away from.

3. Never leave the work incomplete

Some people are known to start work.

Others start the work and leave it mid-way. But the winners are the ones who complete every job that they take up.

So, never leave any work incomplete.

Whatever you take up, whatever you start -- make sure you complete it. Every course you take up, complete it.

Even the volunteer work you take up, do not leave it mid-way.

Be a finisher in life; and people will remember you for the work you completed.

Leave your mark on every job you take up and build your credibility along the way.

4. Don’t wait for reminders

Be the kind of student who never waits to be reminded of anything.

If a teacher has assigned you a project, compete it and submit it before time.

If a teacher has to remind to submit it, then you are already in the bad books of the teacher.

You will be looked down upon. It’s better to be the person who submits the project even before the first reminder arrives.

That way you will become a role model for the other students in your class as well.

5. Limit the use of technology

While it is true that technology is a helpful tool in today’s world, unfortunately it is also the biggest distraction for human beings.

We are not suggesting you to stop using technology, but limit its usage when dealing with another person.

No technology can replace human interaction. 

Teachers still love students who look at them and not at a laptop or a mobile phone.

Even if you are taking notes on your laptop, it is still considered a distraction.

The whole point of technology is to help us achieve things faster, but not to replace human beings altogether.

In a classroom, a real discussion between people is still more valuable than chatting over the mobile phone and sending messages and emails.

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