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My Story
My   Story about  Nagasadgu 

There was one boy his name is Binod Dawadi. He dreams always very much and very big. He was born on middle class family. He wants to become Nagasadhu after hearing about Nagasadhu. Nagasadhus were the people who are seen in India and other parts of the world. Binod sees them and they were living in roads, streets, temples, small cottages. Binod went and talk with them they tell all the things about them. Nagasadhus left family, society, home and sacrifices their life and adopt new life by making themselves dead and doing owns sharadha. Now they forget these materialistic things and dedicated their life to only God Shiva and Kali. Their main guru is baba Kinna Ram. The myth of them is they follow the aghor form of Shiva. Shiva live in a Masan , eat dead body wear dead bodies ashes, do puja and meditation at mid night 12 pm with the dead bodies. They collect skulls, bones of dead bodies of human beings and They were eating on that skull. Binod was terrified by seeing it he only watches them silently. They drink, take gaja, tobacco. Their life is just opposite than real life of human beings. Human beings enjoys at materialistic things hoping these things will provide happiness in their life but they become happier for short time.

Binod also wanted to be like them. Binod sees Aghories rest at day wake up at mid night do puja and worship gods by doing these all the things they get the super natural powers they could meditate at the wells, they could sleep, walk on the fire, they don’t have any desire of sex, bashna, they could make their penis so strong that they could hold one man on their penis one man could stand at their penis. Similarly they could pull cars, tractors from their penis. They could live up to two hundred to three hundred years. At the old age also they have more power then at their younger days. They are now forms of gods by their hard worship. They are very much perfect, excellent, talent about all knowledge, life, Mokchaya enlightenment. They don’t run after other people’s ideas feelings any thing. This inner world couldn’t do any affect to them. They don’t keep conscious about this materialistic world which is false world. They become more and more powerful from doing these things. They didn’t cut their beard and hairs. They involve at different Kumba mela and other mela. On the melas only could see them largely crowded Nagasadhus going for bathing and worshipping gods. But after a mela they went where no one don’t know. 

They got powers, supernatural things from deep meditation, worshipping gods etc. They uses their all powers in the welfare of the people. They don’t suffer from weakness and diseases. In one time life we should live like their life. They take bath on gangas. They were at Kedarnath, Badrinath and other places. They tell that all letters develop from one letter OM, this OM is starting and ending of this world. At Satayug people become good they worship god. But in Detra and Tetrayug people slowly decrease to worship for gods. At Kaliyug people become bad they drink, theft, rape, own sister, wife etc. They kill people. They any way want to be materialistic in Kaliyug. People don’t know how could money gives happiness to them. So, I will also wanted to become Nagasadhu their life is only a real life. They have only purpose in life. All other people are liar and selfish. You also wanted to become forms of God or selfish devil. Nagasadhu don’t have greedy, anger, selfishness, etc. They eat the thrown food. They stay at Masan and they talk with the souls of the dead body. They make happy to the dead souls. They always stay with fire they live with naked because we came with naked and we will go to naked. What these all properties and other things do for us. Binod Dawadi know all these things about the Nagasadhus and he also wanted to become Nagasadhus. No body taught me these things because people are running after money all people. Instead I learn myself from visiting in India. I also want to give knowledge to all the people about this to the entire world. One breathe, one life, one time why to waste any time. People are human beings but they will show non human activities. God is who, who could sacrifices all the things, God do welfare of all the people. Who could control their mind, body and soul  God and Nagasadhus. No desire no pain in life. They don’t show any kind of difference to each material of the world all are equal in the eyes of them. They could treat illness. They could sit at meditation more than months, years without eating also. 

 Binod sees all these qualities and he wanted to become Nagasadhu they leave all things. These all things   only were great which I learned in my life. I wanted to tell about these things to all people so they could become very much tension, pain, ill free people. If people were born poor why to hate or discriminate them. What will rich people do to poor people. Rich fullfill their stomach only. If people wanted to buy goods, eat foods, buy things in life why they need to buy them who made this bad habit asking and given system should be made so people who are poor they could also use,things. Nagasadhus all explanation could not uttered from my tongue and can’t be uttered from thousand tongue of snakes also. This is englightement. Buddha left Kingdom become sadhu he is englightement. He or she will can left materialistic thing they could be englightement in life. Shiva left materialistic things live at Masan. Leave the materialistic things so you could get englightement in life this is the moral lesson of this story.   

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