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My Best Poem..........LOVE

Love is that it rule the world
Love is there at each activities 
Love is in the boy friend gorl friend 
In Husband and wife as well as
Thief and his family, Buddha
And Christ is only men they left love
But I am trying to keep perfect relationship
I don’t  know why all people are running for
Money, money couldn’t give happiness to you,
Happiness should be inside you so know these
Things, if money could give happiness why people 
Suffer from illness and disease and why that
Money could not settle that problem 
Know that I could live without materialistic things

You also become non materialisti like me in your life
Why you can’t live like me if no desire no pain in life
We came with naked and go with naked so let’s live 
Today as first and last day of a life, death may come
At any time let’s welcome death let’s no fear, all things
Of world are supernatural alls thinking and imaging is 
Omni present and omnipotent you are God and devil’s 
Depend on your behaviour let’s live from perspectives of all 
Living beings and non living beings of world this love is
Benevolent let’s do that type of love to all no any bias all
Living and non living are equal let’s listen pain of there so
There will be the mind without fear, no any problem 

Let’s End selfishness greediness and be happy what we have
In this is a meaning of a life you are me, I am you, you are
Other, other are beings, beings survive on others by not 
Killing other for one benefit, you are perfect, let’s live like
That then God will be happy remember one he has hope 
Has anything had all things let’s hope till last breath remains
Live as much happier as you can then nothing of this world
Could stop your happiness be extra in living, live as perfect doze
Of life let’s erase tension, other unnecessary tension you are
Equal to other no class no bias no property no matter Sages like 
Live in perfect manner live life sweetly and freely always

Enjoy relax be cool and cool be kind be patient I only see love
And power rule the world, power makes difference love could
Be at each materials of the world let’s try to create smooth love 
For all you are sprit and sprit are you so be best of best like God 

Become best and excellent be enlightenment be crazy live madly
Not sadly all thing has fixed time let’s love for permanent for all
Things  of the Universe be happy no sad not feard  be patient 

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