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Heaven Story
There was one place its name is called Heaven. It was the most beautiful place. There were many god’s livIng there one of them was Jack . Jack has also his wife called Merry. They both love each other very much. The all power is on the hand of Jack. But Jack didn’t misuse his power. He always used his power to create wonderful time for all the Gods. Then all the Gods will be happier from the Jack. Jack always live for others. He didn’t think even one minute about himself then other God’s. His wife also is like that because they were both englightement and they know all the knowledge of this world. He teaches other God’s about life , and it’s meaning. He tells to Gods that life without works is meaning less. You can do any one good works which you like. What you are in perfect. You have five sense that are eyes, mouth, nose, skin. 
All the Gods are made with one sense organ power. Some have good voice to sing. Some one has good power of hearing. They can memorize whole things what they learn. Some one can smell and know there pray from very far distance. Some people can use their skin to fell and to do dangerous works from skin. Some may have these talents. But there is also multiple intelligences same people could perform multiple talents. 

So know your strength you are never born and never dead know your power. All the creatures I made they have powers some could understand their power. As well as some one could not know what they can do in this world. By wasting their time they die. So this valuable time in the name of my name. Jack always use to give such kinds of lessons to other Gods. Jack had sharp mind and he is creator , bearer and destructor. Jack is the most perfect God. Jack always tells to other Gods. Don’t think about your self. You should always think about others and you should forget yourself . Then only your heart feels good and you will be worth of living. Don’t think about unnecessary things because your sense organs makes you in trouble because it always lead you to selfish, greedy, and bad. So know these things. Nobody tells These things.
 I am also getting such kind of knowledge by choosing right path in my life. I have devoted my life to the other Gods. So I am today this as of result of that my good works. So, decide what you will also be in your life. Whether you will be good or bad decide. Your one thought could damage your life and your good thought could makes you a good and great man at your future. Where you live , where you work make all the places very much good and very much beautiful.

You are very much intringuic and valuable. No one can takes place in your life. If than can be possible then. What could not happened here. You should think always big. You should always think of very high thought. Only great thinking and great effort can only makes you . A good and very much good life. I am living here for other people. I can also thought about other people and I also can make my life such then why can’t you make. There will be many people who do jealous of you but never listen and don’t be angry with them. This is because they have no works to do and they will do such kinds of worksm They didn’t know what they were doing they will get this kinds of works result at last. So, why do you you and they realise your mistakes at the end only. From the first step you should make your life perfect and very much excellent. No one could make your life such kinds of life.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Beside you. Look the rose is a beautiful flower but it grows at throns. You also will get many kinds of troubles in your life so you should always have courage to face kinds of the problems in your life. Always be strong to face any kinds of the danger and troubles in your life. You will fall down in your life but never lose a hope to achieve something in your life. The goose takes out the milk from the water and it will drink only milk.

One day Jack want to visit in earth and live as a life of man. Then he wanted to spread his knowledge to the people . One day one killer came to him and he said to Jack have you seen the person I am searching . Then tell me. Then Jack said to him no I have not seen. Then that killer puts his  knife to Jack’s neck. And that killer said aren’t you afraid of me. Then Jack smiled and tell him no, I don’t fear of everything. Then that killer become surprised and he thought. This is a magical thing. So the killer surrounded in the legs of Jack and he said I am sorry , I have killed many people. Then, Jack gave him all the knowledge from which that he became a good man. He got the knowledge that by killing others and by doing harm to other people we can’t get happiness in our life. We should not make sad from an ant to big elephant By knowing or by not knowing .

Then that Jack tells to the people that you have nothing which is yours. You came with naked and we will go naked. No one could carry  one needle also. Our body functions for sometimes but our soul functions forever it is immortal. We should always take the name of God which leads us to a good path. We will be good man from the name of God. We are nothing and this time , place , is not ours. So, we should be happier in the things which we have.

Then, after sometimes Jack went to the city there he sees the porn addicted people . Then Jack tell to them. You are doing such works. This enjoyment is for short time. After sometime you will again need it. Your food needs foods for every day so you will be addicted and you can’t live without it. Then that people realize their mistakes. How they spend their valuable things in porn. Then from that day they started to do good works and making awareness of such kinds of things. After that Jack meets drug and alcohol user for them also. Jack told why are you using such things. You are spoiling your life. You can’t get happiness from this. Why do you give troubles and pains to your family. Your family keep hope for you. But you don’t care and love them. Please don’t do this. From that day tears falls from their eyes and they read and they do hard work and they become a great man in their life.

In this way, Jack helped the life’s of many people. Jack gives knowledge that this materialist things are nothings. You are getting this chance of life. So, in this life do the best work in our life. You are the one and you have your talent and you show this talent he told to the people. Jack  have many magical powers from that he help the life of people. Who are in the troubles and who are helpless. He gave body organs to the people who are disable.

In this way Jack saw many people were selfish, greedy and they were not caring other people and their problems. So, he changed all the people’s mind. We should live like sage life because we have nothing in our hand. We should life happily he taught these things to the people. All people improve their life. From his knowledge. We should not judge any things because all the things are equal. Jack was traveling in the city. There he saw many street children and many poor people. He do magic and he improve their life very much nicely. Jack know all the knowledge of this physical world as well as metaphysical world. He knows what is physics what is it’s power as well as metaphysics band what is it’s power. Soz he also tell to the people. Jack also, taught people what is meditation and we can get englightement from our deep meditation. In this way he changed the life of many people.

Jack went to rural places and he invented roads and vehicles for the people. To solve the problems of the people. He also invented many kinds of medicines which cures any kinds of diseases. He gave all the information about diseases , and how to care any kinds of diseases to the people. We should always life for others he taught to them. He was God but he was greater than the God. They praise Jack for him for his greatest work for people and animals. Jack also gave the life to all the animals who was already dead.

He created half part of world  for forest for animals. He made half part of this world for human beings. The animals and human beings live very much happily there. They care and love for the animals as well as they love the animals. Jack spread his knowledge to all the people. Then all the people become very much knowledgeable and clever they got all the information which they want. They become like Jack. And all the people started to work for other people. They sacrifice their life for helping and caring other people and animals. They never live for themselves and they live for others. They become very much good like the God. Then the mission of that God was completed. He made the selfish man to unselfish man. He made greedy and bad man to kind and good man. He was so much happier from this . He did great works and he became a great man and he also makes other people also good. 

He also washed the bad  brain of the people to the good people and their mind becomes pure and good from which they have very much good thoughts in their mind and they always love the God’s  name and they do the worship of the Gods. They changed their life style. From bad to good life this was only possible by Jack’s effort if any one could think good about others. They don’t think bad thought in their mind. If that people will also thought bad to them then also. In this way this englightement was increased.

In this way we should live for others we should follow the instructions of our parents. We should live to other people and animals. Then Jack events to the heaven then he tells all his works to the Merry. In this way, Merry becomes very much happier from his works. He also gather the Gods and he also tell them. You can also take the birth and you can go to the earth and you can spread knowledge to the people after trillion years. They will lost their culture and religions and they becomes worst at that time they will do all the illegal activities activities like sex, theft , murder etc. The people will not be feared of any one. They will become the King and they will live their life. So, this valuable knowledge is important for them. Due to this they can realize their mistakes and their morals. Within the time all the things are changeable so, times spends and this will occurs there. These things Jack told to them and they all agreed to obey Jack.
Then Jack want to live as human life  and he lived as human life. But he also had to face many kinds of problems.  Like his also begin to feel greedy, selfish . He can’t  know his talent and he becomes  upset. Then he thinks I didn’t  not want  to do these things but I can’t  control  my emotions . My body didn’t  obeys me what to do. One day he met with one sage then that Sage tells him nothing is yours. You have nothing  which is in your  name. 

 Then thought and he started  to do meditation and do the works which was called  by Sage. He started  to do meditation  and started  to do all the things. From many years of practicing he become successful  and great man.  He became like as his previous  life his third eyes was open. He became  enlightened  person. He has all the knowledge  of this world. So he knows that from meditation  and practicing  of can get  positive  energy  and we can get enlightened in our life.

Jack reduce all the pains and troubles of the people he also proves that we can also get enlightened in our every life. This life is nothing just ashes. No thing is for forever but our soul is only the thing that is for forever . This is the life which can end at any time. The main thing that Jack learn was this. He then again started  to reduce  all the problems  and pains  of the people.  This things he always  continued in his life. And after he stop to do these works by visible. He want people to do his word. This is because there is the soul of the people  in that every soul their is the soul of Jack connected. So, he want other people to do like his work. In this way Jack proves that he is the best God. No one could be like as equal to the God like him. From the body, mind and soul he always help  people  and he never thought  of himself. He was the master piece. 

The Jack is only one example here there may be like him many kinds of people  there  who are doing good works like Jack. Jack taught us to be good in the life the all people think that and  they become  very much good in their life. They started to live together  and  they help and love each other and their life becomes  very much excellent  from that day. Jack was watching from the heaven and he becomes  so much glad with them. 

Jack started to visit to the entire world and he keep the message  that we are ashes and we have nothing.  Know your talent yourself. Jack becomes trees, insects and animals  and tell these things to them so that they can live their life very much easily. After that all the living  organisms started to live very much happily. Jack was successful in his work. So, to be a God or King how hard it is this proves . When we try to get higher post then there will be many duties and responsibilities.  If we can’t  fulfill any one responsibility and duty then we will become  bad man in the eye of the people. So, there are many works to do in our life. So, no one should  spend their valuable  time without doing any work there life is meaning less. Know your duties  and responsibilities in your life. You will get only one chance to prove that you are best. And there is no one better than you. You are perfect.  It is your turn.
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30.08.2021 Binod

Very beautiful 🥰

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