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10 Places All Men Must Visit While They’re Single
Nowadays, a lot of guys have commitment issues. They are afraid that they will miss out on a lot of experiences in life if they decide to commit to a woman and spend the rest of their days with her. That is a reasonable concern, considering that there are quite a few cities and tourist attractions around the world that are meant for single people. However, if you visit (or have visited) these ten places, than we suggest that you think about settling down, as there is little chance that you will find places that are better than these.

From Stockholm to Rio de Janeiro, these ten destinations all offer you a chance to experience numerous adventures, and meet a lot of beautiful women. Known for their culture and incredible nightlife, these places are mostly occupied by single men and women. Different types of tourists will all enjoy these destinations, as you have many options to choose from when it comes to how you’re going to spend your holiday. You can take it easy and relax on the beaches or in the parks, you can explore many of the fascinating museums and other cultural structures, or you can find several different locations where you can party 24 hours a day.


A lot of men that come to Montreal simply can’t resist the beautiful women who all speak with a seductive French accent. But not only are the women here attractive – the whole city is alluring. In fact, UNESCO named it one of the world’s best-designed cities.

When you get here, don’t miss out on visiting the Mount Royal Park, which is located on a hill and was designed by the same man who co-designed the Central Park in New York. Another great thing to visit is the Notre-Dame Basilica, located in the district Old Montreal. The basilica is known for its historical significance, as it dates back to 1829. At night, there are plenty of popular nightclubs where you can meet some gorgeous women. Montreal is also famous for its alluring strip clubs.


Stockholm is the perfect place for learning more about the culture and history of the Scandinavian people. The city is filled with interesting and modern architecture, as well as a large number of museums and art galleries.

The great thing about Stockholm is that you can always find a place to relax when you get tired of sightseeing, as it contains 26 parks that can be found all around the city. The parties in Stockholm are amazing, as the EDM scene in the city is among the best in the world. The city is also known for its gorgeous blonde girls, who are all very friendly and know how to have a good time.


If you’re looking for a place where you can party all day long, then Ibiza is perfect for you. If you’re unfamiliar with the place, it is an island situated in the Mediterranean Sea, known to tourists for the hedonistic lifestyle you experience here upon arrival.
The nightlife on the island is filled with clubs that are in tune with the EDM scene. In Ibiza, you’ll also have a chance to visit the largest nightclub in the world – Privilege, which has a capacity of 10,000 people. During the season (June – October), some of the most popular DJs in the world come here, and perform at the popular clubs. The island is also known for being filled with beautiful European girls.


It may not be as attractive as the other places on our list at first, but the city grows on you, especially when you get a chance to see it at night. Berlin is a heaven for all the young singles from around the world, because the people here are very friendly and open-minded. It is filled with numerous historical and cultural sites, such as Berliner Dom (the largest church in Berlin), Museumsinsel (a complex of museums), and more.

When you get tired of sightseeing, remember to try the traditional German cuisine. Berlin really comes alive at night, due to the fact that the city has one of the best party scenes in the world. Some of the most popular DJs from all over the globe come to this city and perform at select clubs.


The great thing about Las Vegas is that both single men and women go here to blow off some steam, so you’ll have a chance to meet a lot of like-minded people of the opposite $ex. Everyone that visits Las Vegas just wants to have some fun, which is exactly why you should let go off all your problems and relax as soon as you get here.

The food in the restaurants here is fabulous, and something you shouldn’t miss out on. Every hotel has a great nightclub, so you won’t have to spend time searching for a place to go out at night. There are also other things that will keep you entertained, such as magic shows, comedians, concerts, and other types of shows and events. Oh, and don’t forget the gambling!


Cancún is a city located in Mexico, known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful white sand beaches. If you’re looking to visit this city, know that the best time to do so is from December to April.

However, if you don’t like extremely big crowds, avoid going from mid-March to April, because that’s when all the Spring Breakers come. Cancún is perfect for single adults, as it contains a lot of resorts that are specifically designed to help you meet someone of the opposite sex. This is a place that will definitely help you relax and forget all of your problems.


Barcelona is a city that has it all. Beaches, cultural and historical sites (there are nine UNESCO World Heritage sites here), and great nightclubs are all part of this city. Young single people from all over the world love coming to Barcelona because it will keep you entertained no matter what type of person you are.

You can spend the whole day relaxing on the beach, or shopping and sightseeing – it’s your choice. The best time to visit this city is either from May to June or September to October.


Bangkok is a city known for its historical and cultural attractions. Tourists really have a lot to explore once they come here. From numerous shrines that are located all around the city to some of the most beautiful temples in the world.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to experience a vibrant nightlife, than Bangkok is also perfect for you. The city is also known for its exceptional restaurants, where you have the chance to dig into the incredible local cuisine. Bangkok is famous for its exceptionally cheap prices, as well as numerous markets where you can find anything from clothing to food.


As soon as you arrive in Miami, you’ll instantly feel the desire to relax, which is exactly what you should do. In order to have a perfect day in Miami, you should first head to the beach in the morning. In the afternoon, go to one of their numerous popular restaurants, where you have the chance to try a lot of international cuisine.

As soon as it gets dark, you will get the opportunity to visit some of the best nightclubs (and strip clubs) in the world. Miami is gorgeous all year round, but you might want to avoid coming in July and August, because the heat and humidity gets extreme. Also, know that the place is packed in April, as a lot of people who are on Spring break decide to go here on holiday.


Filled with some of the most beautiful women in the world, Rio de Janeiro is a paradise for single men. When you arrive in this city, remember what Rio’s number one rule is – hang out at the beach and mingle with the locals until you get invited to a party.

It is a fact that if you do this, you’ll always get invited, so you shouldn’t worry if you get rejected the first 2-3 times. The people are very friendly here, so you’ll always have the chance to get to know someone. The Rio Carnival is also an event that you have to experience. It is held every year in February or March.
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