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08/11/2023 Akash Singh Achievement Views 84 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
I miss you so much 
Last night I imagined you were with me 
Kissing me
Thrusting into me 
sucking on my skin 
Leaving your marks 
I thought of the way you smile and 
I swear the heat melted my insides 
The way you laugh
The way you used to look at me 
With those amazing eyes 
My God, your absense Ill never survive
The ache inside me
It would not let me sleep
I tossed and turned 
and almost cried 
I said your name to the night hoping it would somehow bring back you to me 
I couldnt take it anymore
I needed you so much 
If only you could have been there, 
Your hands touching me 
instead of mine 
I touched it til I I cried 
Just like you always use to like
but I like it so much more when you’re the one that does that 
Like last time when I thought for sure I would die 
If only you could have been there, 
to spank my cheeks red 
and put me in my place 
To split me into a thousand pieces as you fck me from behind 
stretch me beyond my limits 
Make me pant moan and scream
Take my heart and squeeze it in your hands while I beg and cry for your pity
Tell me Im your good girl 
so that Ill let you fck me where ever you want 
We both know half the fun is the mind games you play 
to watch me give up my barriers 
In exchange for your touch
Here I am 
But Inside each others bodies 
is the only place 
I feel like Im alive 
In the meantime I know tomorrow when I see you, 
you will not even look at me 
In the eyes
Its so cruel of you 
to have made me feel 
like I belong in heaven 
and then abandon me in the pit of hell 
like I never meant anything 
leaving me alone to the night
How can I ever trust anyone
With my heart 
Why cant you stay here by my side
Was it something I said
Something I did 
Was it my thighs or my hair 
Or the way that I breathe
Or maybe the fact that I was so desperate for you to be there
For me
If that’s the case I’m sorry
Just come back to me honey.

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