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The lost tiara
My tiara has always been stolen
Knowingly or unknowingly
There are women
Who steal my wedding gown.
Not once but many a times.

Lost in its beauty
I would stand by
Admiring my godsend tiara
But then,
In seconds it disappears

I stand by with empty hands
Watching the empty wedding hall
The crowd has gone
Pity on you they say

It was painful
Then I learnt to accept
The tiara was not mine
The man who showered me love...
The man with a flesh and heart...
He too was a fake snowman

When everything melted away
The pain and me was true
I still stand alive
Looking for my stolen tiara
Knowing well, I would never steal it again...

Its gone, 
The dreams and my diamond studded tiara.
There is a big scar in my heart
Where love will never blossom
For it has lost its courage
It can never hurt itself

Its all gone
The tiara and my beloved.
But what remains
Is an empty hall
Full of smoke and mist.

Azariah Samuel
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