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19/05/2023 Salma Shabnam Nature Views 209 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Does God Call Only The Qualified ?
Jacob was a cheater
Sarah was impatient
Jonah ran from God
Martha was a worrier
Moses was nagging and of slow speech
Rehab was a temporary prostitute
Matthew was a sinner
Abraham was old
Peter was of high temperance
Saul was a Christian persecutor
David was a runz man
Isaiah was also slow in talking....
With many more unqualified characters in the Bible, yet God called and used them.
Now this is my point
Most times, God doesnt call the qualified
He qualifies the called.
Do you feel unworthy to the call of God?
Do you feel you are the worst sinner?
Do you think God wont accept your sacrifices?
Hold on!
God who cleanse Isaiah will clean you, it is left for you to only say like Isaiah Lord here I am, use me.
There are many people scattering all over the globe who hasnt heard the good news of Gods coming kingdom, and the Lord is asking "Who Will Go For Us To Reach Out To These Hungry Souls?".
Will you answer here I am, send me?
Remember, most times, God doesnt call the qualified, but He qualifies the called.

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