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08/06/2024 Salma Shabnam Achievement Views 298 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Cheraman Perumal ?

First time in india The Islamic religion Do you know who hugged..?? The last messenger of God With Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Do you know who is the first Indian seen in person..?? Islam was spread by the sword, Only after the arrival of the Muhammad Islam entered India and lies repeatedly They are shouting out... But the truth is not it. The king "Seraman Peruman" who had a year along with Sera Nadu and the southern part of Tamil Nadu. He adopted to Islam 6 yes In the century.. That means Prophet Muhammad It is notable that he went to Makkah and converted to Islam during his life. Another interesting information on this one He is a Tamilian. That too in India Tamilian is the first person to accept Islam. To spread Islam in India From Mecca with eagerness On the way back, body He died of illness. Before death, Malik after eating He accepted Islam to the Prophet and under his rule Efforts should be taken to spread Islam in the areas, For prayer To build a mosque, Written to his family He gave the letter and sent... The one who accepted this Family, spread Islam As one of the efforts taken, Indias first mosque, Ky. B Built in Kodungalur (Thiruppuraiyar-Thirissur) in 629th year. The name of this mosque is "Seraman School". Still stands as a historical witness till date... The burial place of the King Seraman is in Oman. Islamic religion, For us as Tamilians, After the rule of Muhammad, Not coming from the north... On the contrary, the northern people Before accepting Islam, With the untouchable atrocities Self respect and self respect Lost and treated like slaves, Our ancestors who are Tamils It is true that they have accepted Islam. It is the argument of the geniuses who were used to change the history, Islam is spread by the sword.

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