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First King to Accept Islam
Cheraman Perumal is First King to Accept Islam at the Hands of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ...!!

Cheraman Perumal is said to have witnessed the splitting of the moon, a supernatural event mentioned in the Quran. After seeing this Miracle, Cheraman Perumal visit to Makkah to meet Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. He was first king to accept Islam at the hands of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ...

“When Allah wishes good for someone, He bestows upon him the understanding of deen”

Cheraman Perumal is said to be the first Muslim from Indian Peninsular. Cherman was Kerala’s King belonging to the Chera dynasty.

He is said to have witnessed the splitting of the moon, a supernatural event mentioned in the Quran as a miracle performed by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.The incident had invoked the curiosity in the King, leading to which he started asking and inquiring around.The bewildered King confirmed with his astrologers that the incident had taken place, but didn’t know what to make of it.

When Arab merchants who had arrived at Malabar port, a bustling global marketplace, sought audience with the King to ask his permission to visit Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). In conversation with them, the King learnt about Muhammad, made his son the regent of his kingdom and traveled back with the Arab merchants to meet Prophet Muhammad himself.

The story goes that Cheraman Perumal arrived in Arabia with a gift of ginger pickles for Muhammad and his companions and he had converted to Islam “at the hands of Prophet Muhammad”.

After spending a few days with the Prophet; the King, his companions and along Syed Malik Ibn Dinar—Prophets companions had returned to India.

On the journey back to the country, the King had died in Oman where his grave is built and is preserved even today. The rest of the companions had carried the journey ahead back to the country.

Cherman’s grave in Oman is surrounded by several coconut trees making the surroundings look-alike Kerala.

قرآن وحدیث اور تاریخ کی روشنی میں پورے واقعے کو اردو میں پڑھیں:

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