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Dream flower of the deprived
The dream of every girl
A beautiful married life
Poor or rich, everyone longs for love
But Love - it’s a blessing from the lord
Can money buy it - never?

To a little girl from the hut
I write this beautiful verse
You are an angel, the adored beauty
With no facials and cosmetics, you glow
Your character, love, care and patience
Oh how beautiful is your soul
The jealousy, scheming minds of women
I don’t see in you.

Your Prince charm has come by
He is your dream- yet you look back
Saying a yes for a proposal isn’t easy
Will my parents pay the dowry?
Is it affordable, you think.

Even love is costly just like that costly attire.
Impressed, I put a spell on you
So no one can break your life.
I wish I were a boy
And could give you the most blessed life
I wish I were your in-law
I would be your best support.

Days go by, you keep working tirelessly
Crossing all barriers, blessed
I see you in a paradise
Happy and blessed
With the love of your life.
Much blessed than anyone in the world.

I am happy you have now got the best
I wish everyone in the world gets a life like you
But remember dear, money is a paper
It keeps travelling, it never stays in the same home
And he is a killer and a savior, never say you are poor
Your heart makes you rich than anyone in the world.
With love
Your ever loving sister

Shalini Samuel
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