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08/05/2023 Salma Shabnam Romance Views 204 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
THE DAY WILL COME By: Kenneth Quentin Dillard
Shes the forbidden fruit I know I cant have but the more I think about her the more I wish she was mine. I close my eyes and I can taste her kiss and smell her perfume. And when I go to sleep shes all I dream about. I dream about what it would feel like to hold her in my arms and look deeply into her eyes. I dream about about us sharing intimate moments together as we explore each others minds and bodies. I dream about her touch and the gentle sound of her voice whispering I love you in my ear. I dream of laying in bed on a rainy night listening to music and allowing our imaginations to run wild, I dream of silent nights as we lay an listen to the sound of our heartbeats as they become one. I dream of days and nights filled with love and laughter, I dream of holidays filled with family, joy and peace. I dream of building a foundation that can never be broken or torn apart, But most of all I dream of waking up next to your beautiful face for the rest of my life and telling you everyday just how much I truly love, appreciate, honor and value you. I must be getting closer to finding that heart thats true, the day will come so I hope you feel me just like I can feel you and one last thing "I love you too ❤️". 

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